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After 18 months away from the music scene as a band, The Killers have returned with Battle Born.

Battle Born is the fourth album from what some consider to be one of the last true American rock bands.

Listen to the new album, being dubbed The Killers’ most fully realized record yet, here!

Happy New Music Tuesday! This week, tune into the latest from Pink, The Killers, Carly Rae Jepsen and more.

Listen here!

Starting right now Spotify has an exclusive 24 hour premiere of the final segment of the video trailer for the upcoming Killers album, Battle Born.

Artfully capturing each band member’s journey to the studio, this video, titled “Brandon, The Battle Born,” is the finale of a four-part trailer series that gives fans a taste of a new album full of music heavily influenced by the band’s Nevada roots.

Watch here to follow Brandon Flowers and the rest of the band across the red plains of the desert and shimmering lights of Las Vegas to the studio for a moving performance of their new single, “Runaways”.

Want more? Only a few more weeks until Battle Born is out on September 14th! In the meantime, check out “Runaways” here or jam out to The Killers’ complete discography in the Complete Collection App on Spotify.