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Americana singer/songwriter Ryan Bingham sings with whiskey-and-cigarette tinged vocals that is wise beyond his years. After getting a live sneak peak of Ryan while he was in NYC about a month back, we are very eager to share with you his newest album “Tomorrowland”. This whole week you can stream it on Spotify in advance of the official album release next Tuesday September 18.

Tomorrowland follows Ryan’s 2010 success “Junky Star”, which included the hit song “The Weary Kind”, used for the movie “Crazy Heart” featuring Jeff Bridges. Not many artists can claim they have won a Golden Globe, Academy Award, and Grammy Award - but Ryan did just that.

The new album was recorded at a makeshift studio, an empty friend’s house in Malibu, California - which ironically once belonged to Kris Kristofferson, one of Ryan’s musical heroes. Deeply confessional and introspective, the album showcases the fearless honesty in his songwriting. “It helps to say it and get it out that way,” he says. “That’s what writing songs has always been about for me, it’s never been about anything else. That’s always been my thing.”

Let Ryan’s jagged, weather-beaten vocals take you to a different place with “Tomorrowland.”