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Before we wrap on Metal Month, we thought we’d squeeze in one last spotlight - Doom Metal!  

Get the exclusive Doom playlist and MetalSucks  interview with My Dying Bride’s Aaron Stainthorpe and Andrew Craighan here!

Metal Month continues! This week, Metal Sucks chats to The Black Dahlia Murder's Trevor Strnad about all things Death Metal. 

Get his exclusive Death Metal playlist here!

Metal Month continues! This week, get a lesson in the history of thrash from a man who lived it - Machine Head's Robb Flynn. 

Get the exclusive interview and curated playlist at Metal Sucks

March is Metal Month! Stay tuned to Metal Sucks each week for celebrity metal playlists. 
Death metal, black metal, thrash and doom — it’s on!

Metal month is here! Hell yeah!!

March is Metal Month and to celebrate, we’re banging our heads to these Staff Picks

Looking for something extra to mosh to? Turn up the volume with these picks from Nuclear Blast