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This week kicked off another thrilling battle of the bands - Emerge Cycle 4. For the next 6 weeks, ten rising artists will be competing for your listens, shares,  stars and social  media shout-outs in order to emerge as the next breakout artist.

Get to know the new contenders here and be sure to vote for your fave in Emerge!
What was the last amazing record you heard?
“Trouble Will Find Me by The National made a pretty huge impression on me. Every time I listen to it I get something new out of it.”
Julie: “Tame Impala, Lonerism” Lindsay: “Kurt Vile — Wakin on a Pretty Daze”
“The last truly amazing record I heard was Mark Kozelek’s (Red House Painters, Sun Kil Moon) new record with this electronic producer Jimmy LaValle. It’s called “Perils From the Sea” and it is absolutely, heartbreakingly gorgeous. Mark Kozelek is one of the most underrated lyricists of our time and this album is him at his best. Plus, he was in Almost Famous so he earns extra cool points.”
“The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”
“From start to finish with a story throughout the whole record, one of the last albums to amaze me was “Sparrow and the Crow” by William Fitzsimmons. I’m sure I’ve heard more, but that’s one that comes to mind. ”
“New Radicals - Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too.”
“Probably Kendrick’s album. People tend to throw around the words “amazing” and “classic” too easily these days I think, but that’s an album that will stand the test of time.”
“I’ve really been getting into Paul Simon recently, and I’d never heard his post-Graceland album ‘The Rhythm of the Saints’ until very recently, so I’ve been getting into that. It’s not as immediate as Graceland, but still incredible. In terms of recent albums that I’ve been loving, I’d have to say Rhye’s ‘Woman’ sticks out because of how beautifully and lovingly it’s crafted. It’s almost a perfect album, even though a lot of people feel like they can burst your bubble by informing you of how much they sound like Sadé, it really doesn’t matter because it’s so good. ”
Django Django.”
“James Blake’s Overgrown has definitely stuck with us. Haven’t really heard anything like it. AMOK by Atoms for Peace is also completely out of this world.”
Who do you think you’d have the most fun touring with?
“We’d have fun touring with anyone to be honest but all the bands we have already toured with have been an insane amount of fun. Smoke Fairies, Joe Banfi, Matt Corby, Daughter, Mumford and Sons….every band has been so awesome and welcoming and I think for most people that would be pretty incredible so other than touring with Elvis I don’t think we could do much better.”
Julie: “My husband! Or QOTSA” Lindsay: “Queens of the Stone Age”
“Bruce Springsteen. Or U2. I think we’d learn a lot from watching those guys handle the crowd.”
“I’m going on tour with The Weeknd and Anna Lunoe, and they’re incredible people. I can’t wait.”
“I’ve already have been on tour with some pretty awesome people, but I see Eric Church, Zac Brown Band, or Mumford and Sons being a pretty fun time on tour.”
“Our buddies in Grouplove would be a fun time.”
“I’ve always thought it’d be fun to tour with Kid Cudi. The rage would be super real.”
“Touring with our friends is always the most fun. Often when you tour with bigger bands, as nice as they are, they’re off doing their own thing and so the only time you see them is at soundcheck, and then they leave right after the shows. When we had a mini-tour with HAERTS, who are basically our best friends, we had an awesome time, as well as when we toured with The Knocks and Savoir Adore, who are really good friends of ours too. ”
“Peelander-Z. We would steal those outfits. ”
“It’s hard and probably impossible to imagine how much fun we’d have with people we don’t know. Honestly I’d love to go on tour with my girlfriend and go explore somewhere like central Iceland in a superjeep. ”

Fresh tunes from Banks, Coldplay, Janelle Monae and more — it must be New Music Tuesday.

Get it all right here! 

Another cycle of Emerge starts today with ten hot new artists contending to declare themselves as the #1 rising act!

Meet the Artists

Bear’s Den, Deap Vally, BANKS, Joel Crouse, X Ambassadors, Smallpools, G-Eazy, St. Lucia, Lucius, and Half Moon Run will all be in the running to win you over in this aggressive race to prove who is the latest rising star in trending music!  
Over the next six weeks, Emerge will pare down the contenders based on your listening behavior until one artist comes out on top. Support your favorite act with your listens, stars, social shares and shouts-outs.
We asked the artists “What music reminds you of your childhood?" and here are their interesting responses. Read on and be sure to vote for your fave in Emerge!
"The Kinks and Bob Dylan. My dad used to drive me to school as a kid every day and the closest thing to contemporary music we could ever agree on were The Kinks and Bob Dylan and whenever I hear anything by those artists, I definitely feel very nostalgic."
 Julie:  ”Janet Jackson, Phantom of the Opera, Duran Duran”
Lindsay: “The Grateful Dead”
Ol' Dirty Bastard's 'Got Your Money', John Denver's 'Leaving on a Jet Plane', and Wyclef Jean 'Gone Till November'. Yup.”
"Childhood to me means ages 7-11, and I remember listening to Ace of Base and Madonna in the car. And my dad would listen to Dead Can Dance, Peter Gabriel, Crash Test Dummies and Andrea Bocelli."
"Music that reminds me of my childhood is probably old hymns, old country, classic rock, and Michael Jackson."
"Bruce Springsteen, Phil Collins, Paul Simon, Michael Jackson, Disney sing-a-long tapes, Raffi, Ninja Turtles Live."
"Johnny Cash."
"Too much for me to thoroughly list here, but definitely Fleetwood Mac, because my mom was a huge fan. I grew up in the 80’s, so a lot of the music that became guilty pleasures from that era entered my consciousness at that point: Lionel Richie, Phil Collins, Duran Duran etc.”
"The Oldies stations in our hometowns — 105.7 (Cleveland) 101.1 (Los Angeles). Buddy Holly, Sam Cooke, the Beach Boys, Little Richard, the Stones, Cream, Fleetwood Mac, Roy Orbison. It was also the 80’s so our fav songs were probably between Love Shack, Beat It and Sledgehammer as a wee little kid.”
"It’s hard to pinpoint it really. The list is a good mix of some common grounds and some weird tastes we all experienced in our childhood."
For more insight into what influences all of our Cycle 4 acts, head to the Emerge app  and check out  playlists of the songs that have made an impact on their lives and their art.
Stay tuned for more from Emerge!

The new single from Banks is out now. Add it to your chill out playlist, sit back and enjoy.



Banks’ new single “Warm Water” is available on Spotify today. Check out her playlist “Warmth.”

BANKS is already being touted as one of the best new artists of 2013 and for good reason. Her two singles have seen acclaim from all corners of the web and have been championed by tastemakers all over the globe including Radio 1 DJs Zane Lowe, MistaJam, Annie Mac and more. 

If you’re a fan of Massive Attack, Fiona Apple, or James Blake definitely check out her playlist My Brain to hear her two singles and some of her inspirations.

Fresh tunes from Jimi Hendrix, Rhye, Banks and more this New Music Tuesday!

Get it all here.