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SXSW is almost upon us and we can’t wait to step into the Southern sunshine and p.a.r.t.y!

With all the crazy festivities in Austin, it’s sometimes a challenge to keep up with all the gigs, venues and artists to watch and so we thought we’d help SXSW newbies and Music aficionados alike with our Musical Guide to SXSW

Our fun Foursquare list will guide you to some of our favorite go-to places in Austin! Check it out here. Don’t have Foursquare yet? Get started at

What’s more, there’s an awesome SxSpotify Foursquare badge up for grabs for those out and about. There are three ways to get kitted with our exclusive badge:

What’s a badge without some cool goodies? The first 20 people every day  to show their badges at the Spotify House will get their hands on some custom Spotify and AIAIAI headphones. On Wednesday 3/13, those 20 lucky badge-holders will also get entry to our massive Spotify Live show - just present your badge to us at the Spotify House to get on the VIP list. 

Looking forward to see y’all at SXSW!