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We know you love music and that a song can brighten a day, kick-start a party or get you through 5 extra reps in the gym — that’s exactly why we’re bringing Your Music Moments - a new Spotify experience where you can vote on the music that makes your moments.

Each of the eight categories soundtrack unique moments in life - be it the song that gets you through a Monday, a hangover or even a breakup. Spotify user listening data helped us to select 5 songs for each category… and we need your vote to pick the top track!

  • Best Hangover Cure Ouch. What happened? Need… tunes. The nominations are regularly featured in ‘hangover’ playlists, and  power your Sunday listening between 11am - 2pm.
  • Best Guilty Pleasure It’s okay. We won’t tell anyone. Here are the tracks most often played in “Guilty Pleasures” playlists.
  • Best Song to Get Over An Ex Music heals all wounds. The songs you listen to over and over in playlists named ‘Break-up’ or ‘Broken Heart’.
  • Best Driving Song What’s on your speakers when you’re on the road? The songs that most often start playlists called ‘Driving’ or ‘Road Trip’
  • Best Party Starter The one that begins it all. Songs that most often start playlists called ‘Party’.
  • Best One Hit Wonder Still stuck in your head all these years The songs that keep appearing in playlists called ‘One Hit Wonder’.
  • Best Workout Song The tune that somehow always adds 10 reps to your routine. Songs that are regularly featured in playlists called ‘Workout’.
  • Best Monday Song The music that gets you through the day-after-the-weekend. Songs that most often start playlists called ‘Monday’, and that get you off your chair between 9am and 5pm Mondays.

The ultimate song to get you through each moment - the good, the bad and the ugly - will be announced in November so watch this space and be sure to vote for Your Music Moments today!  

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