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This year alone Spotify has created brilliant, exclusive content in collaboration with artists like Daft Punk, Avicii and Kendrick Lamar, but now we’re ready to go further.

Say hello to Spotlight, the new home for a whole host of fantastic music, the freshest discoveries and the hottest recommendations right at the heart of Spotify. Spotlight will show you what’s hot and who’s next, plus there’ll be the coolest exclusives, pre-releases, b-sides and remixes alongside new artist recommendations, playlists, track-by-track commentaries and video interviews.

We’re launching Spotlight with two of the most exciting artists in the world today, Los Angeles’ own HAIM and New Zealand’s Lorde. There’s never been anything like this on Spotify before, so if you’re ready to meet your next favorite new band and discover a world of amazing music then we’ll meet you there.

For the best freshest recommendations and hottest tracks of the year so far, follow our Spotlight On 2013 playlist: 

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